1. Class "A" Professional Office Space,
  2. Ideally Located in Growing North Location
  3. Outstanding Visibility / Exposure
  4. High Traffic (Vehicular and Pedestrian)
  5. Convenient to U.S. Route 51, I-72, Hickory Point Mall, Forsyth Park, Hickory Point Golf Course, Restaurants, Hotels, Etc.
  6. Easy Access for employees,clients and public.
  7. Very high quality construction.
  8. Low operational costs.
  9. Designed for optimum efficiency.
  10. Suitable to specific needs
  11. Life safety/security features
  12. Sprinkled, Fire Alarm, &security Monitoring.
  13. Low maintenance with rugged durability.
  14. Sophisticated Technology - Adaptability.
  15. Speed of Construction.
  16. Superior energy Economics.
  17. Flexibility of space planning to meet specific needs.
  18. Free parking for employees and clients.
  19. Long- term remaining useful life of building (built in 2003).
  20. Outstanding architectural appeal.
  21. Public transportation nearby.
  22. High percentage of useable space.
  23. Ceiling height and sound control.
  24. Competitive pricing.


More efficient, more attractive and more comfortable space will provide a more positive environment for employees and public which may create an atmosphere that will:

  1. Improve Productivity
  2. Reduce Turnover
  3. Attract Better Quality People
  4. Require Less Staffing
  5. Improve Attitudes
  6. Save Valuable Time
  7. Increase Public Image
  8. More efficient Floor Planning
  9. Be a Better Overall Workplace
  10. Compatible / Complimentary other Professionals
  11. Structured to meet long term needs, Goals, Objectives of business
  12. Possible Flexibility to Expand, if Needed


Roy Mosser — Developer
For more information please call 217-877-5607