Basis Of Comparison

Basis Of Comparison

In addition to all the information, plans, specifications, analysis, etc.. below is some information, thoughts and comments related to your decision making process:

Signage — as a major user, you would have the opportunity to install a company name and logo on the North elevation of the building. I strongly urge you to view this facility after dark in order to appreciate this benefit. You would be able to received name recognition , identify, and opportunity 7 days/week, 24 hours/day in a very high traffic location.

Access — at this time, building standard hours are programmed to automatically open at 7:15am and automatically lock at 5:30pm Monday through Friday. On Saturdays and Sundays the building is closed to the public. Holidays, which are closed to the public including… New Years Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, And Christmas.

Tenant shall be provided access to the demised premises on a 24/7/365 basis.

Building and Site Security

As you know, building and suite security is a major concern for all professionals.
Therefore, the following is provided:

  • Fire alarm System with enunciator panel, horns, and strobes.
  • Security system at 1st floor perimeter windows.
  • Entry door access control system with proximity card reader feature( computer programmed for occupant access)

In addition, 24 hour, 365-day security is available to respond to any/all security/fire related calls.

The entire building is monitored by Simplex Grinnell under a 24/7/365 Monitoring Service agreement. Sophisticated keyless access cards control and monitor ingress/egress to the building. Access cards for all authorized employees, cards will be generated by our office as directed/approved by user. Information/features associates with this state of the art high-tech Security Access Control System. Card Readers, and locking System is available upon request.

Management / Ownership

As an owner/manager/tenant of Forsyth Professional Centre, the office of Roy Mosser & Associates is located on the 2nd floor. We are committed to provide prompt response to any/all management responsibilities. As a tenant it is in my, and all tenants, best interest to operate the facility as economically as possible.

Please remember and recognize that, Forsyth Professional Centre is a first class professional office building designed/constructed for optimum efficiency. I worked closely with DMH, Architectural Expressions, and Petry-Kuhne to create the highest quality product in our market place. During that process, we made decisions to make Substantial Front-end investments related to architecture, extensive landscaping, and construction materials. HVAC System, Building security, life safety, building standards, etc… Making substantial front-end investments was believed to be a crucial for the long term appeal to all prospective users.

HVAC Services

  • Air conditioning is delivered through inner loop heat pump system.
  • Supply & Return heat piping for energy loop feed heat pump and perimeter fin tube convection.
  • HVAC system is made up of a cooling tower, circulation pumps, boilers, control wiring & valves, ERV (Exhaust Return Vent system /makeup Air unit – “Heat Wheel”), metal ducting with flex duct terminations to defuse/grills at A.C.T.
  • Tenant space can be controlled by zoned areas. Limited by individual thermostats or one thermostat controlling any combination of heat pumps.


Currently, the building has 3 T-1 lines for private tenants T-1 lines are available and are provided be Ameritech. If Specific capacity is needed, we can verify.

Access Road

The Village Of Forsyth just built a new 3-lane road connecting Weaver Road and Marion Avenue (Hickory Point Mall). This provides easy and convenient access for you and your clients. The Village invested over $300,000 to provide this outstanding benefit.


Long-term, Please consider the image you would like to portray in the professional market place. Excellent high-quality office space attracts similar high- quality clients, customers, and employees.


Construction can begin as soon as a final plan is approved. All improvements to your suit will be on an “Open Book” Basis so you may inspect all bidding results and may revise layout choices and finished levels to obtain the most cost effective solution that meets your needs.


Roy Mosser — Developer
For more information please call 217-877-5607